The Company: AJ Nunies

Aloha and Welcome to the Story of AJ Nunies, or at least the company. This is based on the concepts around giving personalized products to anyone looking for them. AJ stands for Averianna Jewel or Averi Jewel. and yes her last name is Nunies.

She, Averi, started AJ Nunies as a way to get out of her rut. As a Pre-op transgender woman, she has days of Agh. She feels like she can not stop looking masculine, and as such it hurts her ability to work outside the house. She does volunteer with other transgender individuals in the local community and did get elected to assist in running a local fundraising organization to support the local community. She is also required to travel, so it does help push her to get out of her comfort zone.

So why customizable products, well that is the easy part. Why Not? See in a society where identity is politics anymore, she wants to step away and recharge. She wants to be herself, design her life, and prove to herself and nay-sayers that TransWomen can too own and operate successful businesses.

So is really the brainchild, passion project, and support network for Averi and her talents should not be unseen. Maybe she will even write a book soon since everyone tells her too.

We hope you enjoy your visit here at AJ Nunies, and please feel free to reach out to us via the Communications section in the footer.

As Averi works on AJ Nunies, more and more products and services will come onto the site.

Hope to see you around.